Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Indiana Flower & Patio Show 2008

With not a cloud in the sky and a hint of spring in the air (yay!), Mom and I drove the 2½ hours to Indianapolis to attend the Flower and Patio Show, held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

We'd never been to the show before, so we didn't know what to expect, but we both found it similar to other shows in recent years.

The focus was definitely on patios and their construction with stone, including water features and fire pits. There were some beautiful scenarios that I would welcome in our backyard if I had a few thousand dollars to spend. Still, there were details that I could incorporate on a lesser scale.

We spent about four hours walking through the displays, which followed the Hollywood theme of "A Red Carpet Affair."

"Under the Tuscan Sun"

"It's a Wonderful Life"

"A River Runs Through It"

"Swiss Family Robinson"

By far, the most elegant display was put together by
McNamara Florists and was an interpretation of Father of the Bride. It showcased the beauty of all-white flowers.

JP Parker Company Flowers had some unusual fresh cut flowers for sale, along with the standard favorites. Mom bought some pretty orangy yellow tulips for a friend of hers that's been under the weather.

It's hard to describe the color of these glads and even the photo doesn't quite capture it, but they were unusual and lovely.

This is the bloom of the Leucadendron, which I'd never heard of before, but I love it. The foliage reminds me of a euphorbia, but the flower bud itself of something else that I can't recall the name of right now.

I've always loved the Capetown Stars, a.k.a. Star of Bethlehem (
Ornithogalum dubium), which is a South African native bulb.

From some of the other displays......

Having nothing to do with patios or flowers, there were sugar gliders for sale. Mom and I had never heard of them, but they were absolutely adorable. They're "pocket pets" originating from Australia and expensive.

To listen to the people hawking them, you'd think they were nearly the ideal pet. I researched them after I got home and that's not quite the story, but they were pretty unique and cute all the same.
Yes, that's a Cheerio he's eating in the photograph.

There were several vendors selling bulbs, seeds, and plants as well as tools and whimsy for the garden and the home. I walked away from the show with a ceramic pot, a triangular metal wind chime, and several packets of seeds.

Allisonville Nursery had a booth at the show and I knew it was on our way home, in Fishers, so we stopped in. It isn't stocked with perennials and the like for spring yet, of course, but there were several shrubs and trees to choose from.

Some large and really lovely Red Twig Dogwoods (
Cornus sericea 'Cardinal') were calling my name very loudly and I had to acquiesce to three of them before they would leave me alone.

I also purchased a small white ceramic pot with silk paper whites and another small metal pot with some dwarf spring irises. Their gift area is outstanding with a huge variety of items for just about every room in the house as well as for outside in the garden or patio area.

Each and every employee we talked to (and that was several of them) was very friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. Mom and I had a wonderful chat with Jeff, the owner, before we got back in the car to head home. We both agreed we'd love to see this place when they're fully stocked for spring and the summer planting season.


Wicked Gardener said...

Wow-that looks like fun! How cute that they are names of movies.
(I think I had a nightmare of that pocket pet last night.)

Kipluck said...

Glad you researched. Unfortunatley MANY don't which is what the company (and INFAMOUS glider mill) "Perfect Pocket Pets" plans on. They sell many gliders, most too young, and many sick with giardia, to people who haven't done their homework. It makes me furious.

I HAVE 3 sugar gliders and they are my life. But they are far from a low maintenance pet! I adore them, but they are definitely nothing to be purchased on a whim at a home show. I hate PPP so much. PLEASE people, DO NOT buy from them if you decide to make suggies part of your life. To find out more, check out http://www.sugarglider.net

Kylee said...

Any pet is a responsibility and when it's one that I've never heard of before and know nothing about, I'm going to do research. If this were going to be my only pet, I'd seriously consider one, but we have two inside cats, and seven outside ones, so that's enough for us!